When you want to feel and look like you just stepped out of London's Saville Row, but actually going to grab dinner at the local grill, put on one of Diane Firsten's bespoke jackets! They are made from the finest fabrics and not only do you love the way you look, but everyone else will notice your modern, chic, classic style.
It is an awesome feeling to look and feel so pulled together without any effort. That is the key to wearing a DF Jacket. 
No matter what, when wearing a DF jacket you always look stellar!! Simple, chic and modern. You feel great! You look amazing! 
Diane designs each jacket from the finest fabrics in the world and every detail is picked with time and lots of intricate attention to detail. The buttons are either one of 30 colors of natural horn, several colors of mother of pearl, for a beautiful crested metal. The lining must coordinate with the other pieces in the DF collection of the season. A DF jacket always is feminine sexy and beautiful, as a man tailored jacket on a woman must be exactly the right fit, and the right color, and the right fabric! The suede detail under the collar is important as it either makes a statement or is completely monochromatic which Diane loves! Creams, ivory, white all mixed into one big bowl of whip cream, sugar and bitter!! Perfect with a pair of white jeans for summer or winter in the islands! 
The jacket models are based on a classic Hermés riding jacket because Diane loves that super chic but casual English town and country look with ripped up jeans and Chanel ballet flats. A white teeshirt, a pair of jeans and that third piece! The jacket! The ultimate jacket! The factory that produces these jackets for Diane also produces all of the Hermés jackets which is why they always never are anything but the best of the best!